Idheas Litigio Estratégico en Derechos Humanos AC


Strategic litigation before the United Nations System

The enforced disappearance of persons is a serious violation of human rights, of a multi-offensive nature (it involves the violation of various rights) and of a permanent or continuous nature, which lasts as long as the whereabouts of the disappeared person are not known, or their remains are identified with certainty.

This document represents an effort of systematization, dissemination of the standards and jurisprudence generated by the bodies of the Universal System for the Protection of Human Rights of the United Nations for cases of disappearance in Mexico, as a result of the litigation work carried out by IDHEAS over the past six years. The litigation strategy before the United Nations bodies was prepared by the founding team of i(dh)eas in which the following participated: Juan Carlos Gutiérrez Contreras as coordinator of the litigation, Rocio Maldonado de la Fuente and Mario Santiago Juarez as lawyers who supported in the preparation and development of the petitions and Tatiana Rincon Covelli who has been responsible to give constant follow-up to the litigation before the organs of the United Nations. All this under the support and backing of Jérémy Renaux who was Director of Institutional Development and deputy director until 2020.

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