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UN condemns México for torture against US citizen

The United Nations Committee adopted the decision against torture for the arbitrary detention and acts of Torture against Mr. Ronald James Wooden, committed by municipal police officers of the municipality of Taxco, Guerrero, in 2013. The ruling determines that the facts constitute a violation of various articles of the U.N. Convention against Torture and Other […]

Context analysis in international human rights jurisprudence

This document represents an effort to systematize, disseminate the standards and jurisprudence generated by international bodies for the protection of human rights regarding the context analysis methodology. In the last six years, with its litigation work, I(dh)eas, has contributed to the jurisprudence of the United Nations Universal System for the Protection of Human Rights, particularly […]

UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances receives its first complaint against Mexico

The organization IDHEAS announced that it filed a complaint against Mexico on behalf of young Yonathan Isaac Mendoza Berrospe, a victim of Enforced Disappearance. This is the first complaint before the UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances, after the country recognized in October 2020 the competence of the Committee to hear individual cases. The organization IDHEAS […]

In a historic decision Mexican Supreme Court of Justice recognized that Urgent Actions issued by the UN are binding and mandatory for all State authorities responsible of searching and investigating missing persons cases

• The Resolution is the first decision in the world where a supreme judicial court recognizes the mandatory nature of Urgent Actions issued by the UN Committee against Enforced Disappearance• The Resolution sets a precedent to comply with more than 450 cases of Urgent Actions of missing persons ordered to the Mexican State Today the […]